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Therapeutic Recreation Assistant (TRA)
Program Description
This experiential program provides students theoretical knowledge and applied hands-on experience to plan, implement and evaluate leisure and therapeutic recreation activities. Students learn about the interrelationships of determinants of health, benefits of leisure and recreation activities to health, quality of life and overall well-being; why choices, preferences and lifestyle are critical components of quality of life in settings serving our older generations; and that leisure and therapeutic recreation activities provide purpose, significance and meaning to individuals. Using person-centred practice philosophy that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each individual, graduates assist to plan, implement, adapt/modify, facilitate and evaluate leisure and therapeutic recreation activities in a variety of community and facility settings under the direction and supervision of a health professional.

  • Computer Skills for TRA
  • Introduction to Aging
  • Aging and Health Challenges
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Health, Wellness, Life Style and Choices
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation and Allied Therapies
  • Person-centred Practice
  • Pre-Practicum Certifications
  • Practicum 1
  • Seminars Practicum 1
  • Culture, Identity and Aging
  • Aging and Mental Health
  • Understanding Dementia
  • Ethical and Professional Practice
  • Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Documentation
  • Therapeutic Recreation Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Therapeutic Recreation Facilitation Techniques
  • Practicum 2
  • Seminars Practicum 2
  • Job Search Skills

    Admission Requirements:

  • Grade 12 graduation, or 19 years of age or older with successful entrance assessment; and
  • Language Proficiency Requirements - see Language Proficiency Assessment Policy; and
  • Criminal records check from Ministry of Justice including clearance to work with vulnerable children and adults, or proof that the process of acquiring this is in progress; and

    Requirements for the first practice education experience

  • The following are to be completed prior to the first practice education experience: TRA 105, TRA 110, TRA 125, TRA 130, TRA 135; and Satisfactory criminal records check from the Ministry of Justice including clearance to work with vulnerable children and adults; Satisfactory TB test results; Fully completed and signed personal declaration of satisfactory health and medical suitability; Influenza vaccinations as per BC requirements; Fully completed and signed applied practice experience form; Fully completed and signed ethical conduct declaration form

    Language Proficiency Assessment Policy

  • Instruction at Cambridge College is conducted in English language. Student whose first language is not English and has not completed English Language courses at the required High School level (or higher) are required to undergo a English Language Proficiency Assessment prior to enrollment in order to ensure they have the language abilities necessary to successfully complete the program of their study. Language proficiency requirements are admission requirements and may not be waived by either the institution or the student.

    Prior Learning Assessment

  • Students who have completed HCA program will receive credits for four courses: TRA 105, TRA 110, TRA 115 and TRA 120

    Graduation Requirements:

  • DIPLOMA WITH DISTINCTION: Combination of Average score of 90% or higher; and No score below 80% on any assessment.

  • DIPLOMA: Combination of Average score of 70% or higher and Not more than one retake on any assessment of the program with 70% pass mark; and Maximum score of 70% will be awarded on first retake of assessment.
  • Student Assessment Schedule: Students must successfully pass all course assessments in order to pass the course.

    Career Opportunities
    Positions in human and health service organizations assisting adults and older adults in leisure and therapeutic recreation activities such as rehabilitation centers, adult day program, assisted living facility, and community settings. With projected growth of our aging population, there is and will be an even greater demand in the future for Therapeutic Recreation Assistants.Positions such as:

  • Recreation Therapy Assistant
  • Recreation Therapy Aide
  • Recreation Therapists Aide
  • Activity Aide
  • Activity Worker
  • Recreation Aide

    Career Prospects
    Career Prospects in this field are expected to be strong

  • Employment growth is expected to be strong
  • A moderate number of people are expected to retire
  • This occupation has recently experienced low levels of unemployment
  • Annual provincial median salary is $43,798

    Program Details Home Students:
    Total Program Length 38.64 Weeks (976 Hours), Tuition Fees $10,432, Application/Registration Fees $100, Course Materials: $795, Text Books $633, Other: $735

    Program Details International Students:
    Total Program Length 38.64 Weeks (976 Hours), Tuition Fees $14,000, Assessment Fee $100, Application/Registration Fees $200, Course Materials: $795, Text Books $633, Other: $835

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