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The purpose of the student success plan is to ensure student success in completing program of studies, finding a job as a result, and repaying student loan debt; and thereby improving student loan repayment rates.

Student success, retention and student repayment play an important role in branding the college and its long-term success. Every employee should be aware of an engaged in student success and retention efforts. All employees need to make student success and loan reduction a priority.

Entrance Requirements

  • Students must meet program specific requirements to enroll a program of study.
  • Minimum entrance requirements include academic standards, industry needs and personal suitability as appropriate to program.
  • If the student fails to meet the minimum admission requirements, neither the college nor the student can waive the requirements.

Financing your study
You may pay for your study by monthly installment plan, borrow from your financial institution or you may be eligible for financial assistant. Click here for additional information.

Successful Completion
Successful completion of study is significant factor in student loan repayment. Students must devote sufficient time and effort in their studies to maintain course load and progress requirements. Students having difficulty with their studies should meet with Program Lead Instructor earlier in the program and seek assistance.

Debt Free Graduate
Graduates are welcome to use our facility for job search purposes. Graduates should aggressively pursue employment opportunities. Making regular and up-to-date loan repayments are important in establishing and maintaining good credit history, future student assistance and being debt free quicker. The Debt Free Graduate, written by Murray Baker, is an excellent book.

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