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More and more students are choosing Canada as their choice study, in today's world of Life Long Learning, which includes not only the study of one career but also career upgrades and changes to different careers.

Canada and in particular British Columbia is vast, with many scenic sites and places, and a mosaic of cultures making up the people of Canada.

At Cambridge College, we will take care of you, as part of the family, to ensure that you meet and exceed your goals.


Once you have decided on your program of study, use the following steps:

  • Complete the Application Form and submit to Cambridge College, together with the $100 non-refundable Registration fee plus $100 initial courier fee. Mail in Application Form together with a Bank Draft, Money Order or Certified Cheque (must be certified by a Canadian Bank).
  • Submit relevant additional documents by mail, such as Transcripts, Grade 12 Certificate, etc.
  • Cambridge College will sent out an acknowledgement letter and a receipt for the non-refundable fee, together with the Statement of Fees.
  • Submit the appropriate fees, as noted on the Statement of Fees, by wire transfer, bank draft or certified cheque. (Cheque must be certified at a Canadian Bank).
  • Upon receipt of fees, Cambridge College will issue a Letter of Acceptance, which should be used for student visa/permit application.
  • Students denied a Canadian Student Visa/Permit will be refunded fees according to the Refund Policy. Documentation of visa denial is required. Cambridge College will refund the relevant amount within 30 days of receipt of visa denial documentation.


  • Student permit: A program of study in Canada, of more than six (6) months requires a visa/permit to study in Canada.
    Processing time varies, based on your country of origin. Therefore, start the process as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance.
  • Application guides and forms can be downloaded from Immigration's website, The student must provide the following:
    · Letter of Acceptance from Cambridge College
    · A valid passport
    · Proof that you have sufficient funds to pay your tuition and living expenses while in Canada
    · Medical insurance
    · Proof that you do not have a criminal record
    · Processing fee
  • Renewals
    The processing time of renewals can be longer; therefore it is recommended that you send off your renewal documents no later than six (6) weeks prior to the expiry date of your current permit.
  • Canada Customs
    Customs information is available from any Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. Students are permitted to bring with them a reasonable quantity of books, clothing and other items for personal use.
  • U.S. Entry Visa
    Visit the U.S. Consular Services site,

    If citizens from your country require an entry visa to enter the United States, it is recommended that you apply for this visa before you leave for Canada.


  • All students must get Medical Insurance before they enter Canada. This can be purchased at various agencies. One such agency where help may be obtained is (email).
  • Carry your Medical Insurance Card with you at all times.
  • Walk-In Clinics: For after hours or during weekends, these Walk-In Clinics are very useful. Find out the locations of two such clinics, in your area of residence.
  • Physician: If you have an on-going medical condition, it is recommended that you find a family physician, upon your arrival in Canada and appraise him/her of your specific condition.
  • Hospital Emergency: In case of an emergency, go to the nearest hospital. Patients are assessed on the basis of how critical their ailment is, so if you are deemed a low priority patient, you may wait for several hours to see a doctor. Some hospitals charge administrative fees, which may not be covered by your insurance coverage.
  • Ambulance Service: Call "911" for an ambulance, in case of a major crisis. Your insurance coverage may only cover a part of this cost.


  • We offer airport pick-up service for international students. A college representative will welcome you at the airport and escort you to your host family. Airport Reception Fee of CAD $200 is applicable.
    To request Airport Reception, print and complete the application form from and mail together with appropriate Fees payable to Cambridge College, BC, Canada.
  • Airport Reception / Pick-up cancellation policy
    • If a Student wants to change the date of arrival and airport reception in Vancouver, then a notification in writing must be received by Cambridge College at least 7 business days before the scheduled arrival date. So that the arrangements for the new date can be organized. If a Student notifies less than 7 business days before arrival date in Vancouver, the Student may not be picked-up at the airport and the Airport Reception Fee will not be refunded.
    • If a Student wants to cancel the Airport Reception, then a notification in writing must be received by Cambridge College at least 10 days before the scheduled arrival date; in this case the school will refund 50% the Airport Reception Fee. If the person notifies less then 10 days before the scheduled arrival date in Vancouver, then the Airport Reception Fee will not be refunded.


Locating safe and affordable housing in a new city can be daunting. Let us know if you require housing and we will discuss this on a one-on-one basis, with you. We can help find suitable accommodation; this can be a single person apartment occupancy, shared apartment/house accommodation or Homestay (living with a family). There would also be an option for meals to be included or excluded.

  • Homestay Application must be received by Cambridge College a minimum of 30 days prior to your first night. A College Non-refundable Homestay Placement. Fee is required before your application will be processed. Cambridge College will assist you in finding Homestay / Accommodation in shorter time notice -however Homestay cannot be guaranteed.
  • To request Homestay, print and complete the Application Form from and mail together with appropriate Fees payable to Cambridge College, BC, Canada.
    If you wish to change or cancel your Homestay, you are required to give one month's notice in writing to both Cambridge College and your host family. Please note the following details regarding canceling your Homestay:
    • Student who is unable to enter Canada due to VISA difficulties: If you are unable to enter Canada due to VISA problems, you must provide proof in writing to receive a full refund less CAD $100 Administration Fee.
    • Cancelling with less than 60 days prior to arrival: Full refund of the first month Homestay Fee, no refund of the Placement Fee.
    • Cancelling with more than 40 days prior to arrrival: 50% refund of Homestay Fee and no refund of Placement Fee.
    • Changing with less than 40 days notice prior to arrival: Charge of first month's Homestay Accommodation Fee, and no refund of Placement Fee.
    • In case of Changing or leaving a Homestay, host family must be informed in writing 1 month in advanced. Failure to give 1 month's notice, the host family will retain fees for 1 month's Homestay.


  • Exercise and Fitness Clubs
    Cambridge College has negotiated special rates with Fitness Clubs in various parts of the city. If you are interested in joining a fitness club for a nominal fee, please let us know.
  • Trips to Scenic Sights
    Various trips are organized during the year, depending on students' interest and budgets. All international students are welcome to join any trip.


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