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Medical Office Assistant Diploma
Program Description
This Program provides students with working knowledge of key aspects of Medical Office environment. Projects and activities provide experience of applying office skills. Students receive training in W.H.M.I.S, First Aid and CPR.


  • Computer Business Applications I
  • Keyboarding Skills Development
  • Medical Anatomy, Physiology, and Terminology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Medical Word Processing
  • Business Communications/Writing OR Administrative Skills
  • Customer Service Strategies
  • Accounting I
  • Medical Billing - Manual
  • Medical Billing - Software
  • Medical Transcription
  • Clinical Procedures
  • Medical Office Practice
  • Practicum
  • Job Search Skills

    Admission Requirements:
    Grade 12 graduation, or post secondary certificate program or higher, or 19 years of age or older with successful completion of:

  • Cambridge College Math assessment test (Passing Score of 60%) and Cambridge College English assessment test as per Language Proficiency Assessment Policy (Short Essay test passing score of 60%, Oral English Listening test passing score of 60%, Oral English Re-telling test passing score of 60%).
  • Pre-admission application and interview (Admission Procedure Only).
  • Hepatitis and influenza immunizations are recommended - consult your physician

    Language Proficiency Assessment Policy:
    Instruction at Cambridge College is conducted in English language. Student whose first language is not English and has not completed English Language courses at the required High School level (or higher) are required to undergo a English Language Proficiency Assessment prior to enrolment in order to ensure they have the language abilities necessary to successfully complete the program of their study. Language proficiency requirements are admission requirements and may not be waived by either the institution or the student.

    Graduation Requirements:

  • DIPLOMA WITH DISTINCTION: Average score of 90% or higher, No score below 80% on any test, No retake on any test of the program, 70% pass mark for tests. Successful completion of practicum.

  • DIPLOMA: Average score of 70% or higher and no score below 70% on any test, Not more than one retake on any test of the program, 70% pass mark for tests, maximum score of 70% will be awarded on first retake of same course, retakes in not more than 20% of the tests in program. Successful completion of practicum.

    Employment Opportunities:
    Graduates can apply for employment in Medical Offices (General Physicians, Specialists), public or private Hospital Departments, Clinics, Laboratories, Nursing Homes, Community Health Centres, Research and Care Agencies, and other Organizations.

    Program Details: We Charge Home and International Students the Same Fee Rate
    Total Program Length 52Weeks (1050 Hours), Tuition Fees $10,360, Registration Fees $100, Text Books: $695, Other $100

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